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June 25th, 2010

As stated in an earlier post, I have 2 major projects right now, aside from family, work, and home responsibilities. The first is a program that will help me with my writing projects. Hopefully, as this software matures, it will also help others with their writing projects. My plan is to make the project open source when I have something reasonable ready for release. I’m a long way from that point, but I hope to have something usable within a month or so.

The second project is a book (which may actually be a trilogy). I’ve been trying to work out the details of the fantasy world, characters, and plot. It’s not easy by any stretch of the imagination. Some days I can’t write at all, or develop my programming project. Those days are pretty tough. Even on days when I can write I can’t always work on the book. On those days I’m trying to write some short stories.

I’m not worried about getting the short stories published, so I’ll be posting them when I feel they’re about as done as I’m going to make them (then only the ones that are any good). To that end, I opened a “Stories” tab on my header, into which all my short stories will be dumped when I post them. And so the category won’t be empty, I posted some of my older stories written while I was yet in school.

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