February 13th, 2010

Reversi Screenshot

Also known as Othello, this strategy game for one or two players is bound to entertain. The computer player is not very strong yet, but I’m working on it.


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1 Comment to “Reversi”

  1. This game is so fun! I just love it, and I am so happy Robert made it. I played it on the various levels and it’s like playing with different people. I can still win Level 4, but it is a good mental workout to do so.

    Is the computer tough enough? Yes. It’s true that I won with only one piece for the computer and one unused space, but that is the exception. And, I believe I was playing on the beginning level, so I’ve got space to grow. On Level 4, I won with 56 pieces and the computer 0 and 8 spaces. But, that happened only once. Many other times, I made a mistake and lost by quite a bit.

    Robert, thank you for making this game. I really like it!